Member Directory - Pharmaceutical Advisory Board

Chair: Charles Flexner


  • Engage industry in conversations and serve as a key resource to identify barriers in development and to encourage production of LA/ER ARV’s
  • Identify additional experts who can make meaningful contributions to LA/ER topic-specific focus groups, including the generation of educational materials and consensus publications.

Charles W. Flexner, MD, is the Principal Investigator of the Long Acting/Extended Release Antiretroviral Resource Program (LEAP).

Conflict of Interest: Receives consulting fees from Gilead Sciences, Merck, Janssen, ViiV Healthcare. Has an ownership interest in Navigen LLC, and receives grant funding from Gilead Sciences.

Daniel E Cohen, MD, is a Group Medical Director in Clinical Development at AbbVie.

Conflict of Interest: Dr. Cohen is an employee and stockholder of AbbVie.

Jay Grobler is Director, Infectious Disease Biology, at Merck Research Laboratories.

Conflict of Interest: None disclosed.

Dr. James F. Rooney joined Gilead Sciences in 1996 as Vice President of Clinical Research and in 2004 became Vice President of Medical Affairs.

Conflict of Interest: None disclosed.

Bill Spreen, Pharm.D, is a Director of Research and Development at ViiV Healthcare and based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Conflict of Interest: None disclosed.

Kati Vandermeulen, M.SC., is a Senior Director, Compound Development Team Leader at Janssen Infectious Diseases Research and Development in Beerse Belgium.

Conflict of Interest: Has no real or apparent conflicts of interest to report.