Long-Acting/Extended Release (LA/ER) Antiretroviral Drugs Workshop: Current Status and Future Prospects - 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017
Washington State Convention Center

    Carl Dieffenbach; Director, Division of AIDS, NIH    
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    Charles Flexner, Johns Hopkins University
    Where will we LEAP to next?!  Overview of Workshop
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    Peter Williams (Janssen)
    Current Status of Clinical Development of LA-Rilpivirine?
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    Bill Spreen, (ViiV Healthcare)
    Current Status of Clinical Development of LA-Cabotegravir
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    Susan Swindells, University of Nebraska Medical Center
    LEAP TB – Update from the LEAP Working Group on Development of Long-Acting Approaches to the Treatment of Tuberculosis
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    Marco Siccardi, University of Liverpool
    Update from the LEAP Modeling and Simulation Core: The use of Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic
    and Pharmacodynamic Modelling to Assess Drug Candidates

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    Richard Koup, Vaccine research Center, Division of AIDS
    LA-VRC01 – Development of a long-acting broadly neutralizing anti-HIV monoclonal antibody for parenteral administration
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    Larry Corey, University of Washington
    Clinical development of broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies for HIV treatment and prevention
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    Howard Gendelman, University of Nebraska
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    Dirk Hair-Donald Loveday, Celanese Corporation
    Polymer chemistry as a platform for LA/ER drug delivery
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    Nicolas Pacelli, Microchips Biotech
    Programmable Microchips
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    Rahul Bakshi, Johns Hopkins University
    LATE BREAKER: Long-acting parenteral atovaquone nanoformulation for malaria prophylaxis
    [Presentation withheld at speaker's request, until further notice]
    Polly Clayden, Rapporteur
    To Inject or to Implant, That Is the Question
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    Jeff Jacobson, Rapporteur
    What to do about the ‘Tail?’ Coverage for missed doses and regimen changes
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    Susan Swindells, Rapporteur
    Resistance to LA/ER ARV drugs: What is the risk, and how can this be prevented? 
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