Long-Acting/Extended Release (LA/ER) Antiretroviral Drugs Workshop - 2016

    Sunday, February 21, 2016
    Westin Copley Plaza Hotel

    Carl Dieffenbach; Director, Division of AIDS, NIH    
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    Charles Flexner, Johns Hopkins University; Susan Swindells, University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Welcome to LEAP! and Overview of Worshop
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    Marco Siccardi, University of Liverpool (WILL BE UPLOADED SOON)
    The Use of Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic
    Modelling to Assess Drug Candidates

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    Peter Williams (Janssen)
    Current Status of Clinical Development of LA-Rilpivirine?
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    Kimberly Smith and William Spreen, ViiV Healthcare
    Current Status of Clinical Development of LA-Cabotegravir
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    Kimberly Struble, FDA Antivirals Division
    Regulatory Perspective on Developing Long Acting ARVs for HIV Treatment
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    Marc Baum, Oak Crest Institute
    Implantable LA/ER Tenofovir Alafenamide
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    Thomas Hope, Northwestern University
    Sexual Transmission and Topical LA/ER ART Delivery
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    Rodney Ho, University of Washington
    Lymphatic Targeting – TLC ART
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    Patrick Sinko, Rutgers University
    BRIEF UPDATE: Nanotechnology Approaches for Mucosal HIV
    PreExposure Prophylaxis (mPrEP)

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    Andrew Bellinger, Lyndra Corporation
    A Novel Approach to LA/ER Oral Drug Delivery
    [Presentation withheld at speaker's request]
    Focus Groups’ Feedback: Ten-Minute Reports
    Daria Hazuda, PhD, and Andrew Owen, PhD, Co-Chairs, and Patrick Sinko, PhD, Rapporteur
    Molecular Discovery — How best to access existing molecules that were already
    screened, are highly potent and promising for LA/ER formulation, but were shelved
    because they did not meet criteria for oral delivery. How can NIH/DAIDS best help
    to promote these interactions?

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    Susan Swindells, MD, and Paul Domanico, PhD, Co-Chairs, and Polly Clayden, Rapporteur
    Facilitating collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and
    non-pharmaceutical drug and formulation discovery efforts

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    Kimberly Struble, PharmD, Chair, and Jeff Jacobson, MD, Rapporteur
    Regulatory Guidance -- Regulatory issues in LA/ER ARV development, and what options
    exist for developing an injectable LA/ER formulation without an oral partner formulation.
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