“We are going to be talking about important developments in long-acting products for HIV and related diseases, and we will be hearing about some of the knowledge gaps and controversies that you will be helping us to solve in coming years.”

Speaker: Charles Flexner: Prinicpal Investigator of LEAP

2021 was a productive year for LEAP. Highlights include: two systematic reviews on LA formulation development and implementation, a cost-effectveness analysis for LA CAB and RPV in LMICs (Lancet Global Health) and a survey of patient preferences for LA formulations for HCV (Clinical Infectious Diseases [CID]); a LEAP-sponsored symposium at the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting (July 2021); and a new collaboration with Unitaid and Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) to conduct a landscape analysis of LA products and formulations (LaPaL) for HIV, viral hepatitis and TB. LaPaL will serve as an information repository for LA products/formulations in clinical and advanced preclinical stages and will include related intellectual property and patent status.

In 2022, LEAP expects to sponsor a journal supplement in CID (2022) and publish the first systematic reviews of LA/ER ARVs for children, adolescents and pregnant women and HIV. We also plan to develop new face-to-face meetings focused on viral hepatitis and TB in the next 12-18 months. LEAP will continue to advance the LA field through ongoing collaborative projects, including: LEAP modeling and simulation core activities (led by Andrew Owen at Univ of Liverpool and in collaboration with PATH and IMPAACT); LaPaL development (LEAP-Unitaid-MPP); Unitaid programs developing LA products for TB prevention and HCV cure (LONGEVITY at Univ of Liverpool) and HIV (GLAD at University of Washington); and expand biobehavioral research activities in collaboration with Tia Morton and Theresa Senn (NIH).